Past Events

Since 1995, members of Rear Rank Productions have managed or commanded the following events:

-South Mountain- 1995

-Fire on the Mountain- 2000

-Morton's Ford -2001

-Burkittsville, 1862 -2001

-Drayton's Brigade at 140th Antietam in- 2002

-War on the James- 2003

-Loudoun Heights- 2003

-To the Gates of Washington, 140th Monocacy

Reenactment- 2004

-Summer of '62, Jackson in the Valley- 2005

-Shenandoah 1862, Jackson’s Valley Campaign- 2006

-September Storm, 145th Maryland Campaign- 2007

-Down the Valley, Jackson in the Valley- 2007

-October ’62- 2007

-At High Tide,145th Gettysburg -2008

-Hope’s Campaign Tactical-2009

-Return to Manassas, 2nd Manassas- 2010

-Along the Potomac, the 150th Anniversary of Ball’s Bluff-2011

-150th McDowell-2012

-150th Lee Takes Command, Seven Days Campaign- 2012

-150th Maryland Campaign- Maryland, my Maryland,-2012

-150th Campaign Before Richmond, 2014

-155th On to Richmond, Seven Days, 2017