Welcome to the Federal page for Shenandoah '64:

Ted Brennan is a life-long student of the Civil War. He has been reenacting and participating in living history programs since 1992. While he primarily portrays a Union Officer, he also can be found in the company of Confederate soldiers from time to time. Ted has been working with both Chris Anders and Mike Lavis for many, many years to put on the premier events associated with Rear Rank Productions. While he is honored to be commanding the Shenandoah Event, he recognizes that the quality of this event is built upon by the vision of the long-time Federal Commander, Mike Lavis. I wish Mike a speedy recovery and look forward to his victorious return to the field. I am truly honored to be leading Federal Forces and wish us all great success.
             Thanks for giving us a look.  This is the 12th  year that I have been a partner in the various Rear Rank Production events.  We have been through many experiences during this time, and have learned many lessons.  We began these with the idea of a continuous series of events, and not just one-time reenactments. This year we will be going forward from our last endeavors.  Research has shown that there was an evolution in tactics, and they became more prominent during the last year of the war.  We plan on incorporating more of these at Shenandoah than have ever been undertaken at any reenactment.
             The initial responses we are receiving are very encouraging, and that provides us with more flexibility as to what we can put on the battlefield.  The years of working together with the CSA leadership have grown into a strong relationship of mutual trust and respect. Each side is completely confident that the other side will be doing their part, and doing it correctly.  Our goal for this event is to get even more creative with the  scenarios, and thereby enhancing the experiences of the men in the ranks.  Our only limits come from how many men and battalions we have to work with.
         As with any organization and operation; it is the ones doing the actual work that determine the success or failure of that operation.  In our case, it is the battalion commanders, their company commanders, and the rank and file who will cause this event to be successful.  Your cooperation and willingness to voluntarily follow the scripts are the very key to our events.  In the past events, this commitment has resulted with some of the very best reenactments that have ever been held.
      We are proud of the track record of the Rear Rank events, and very grateful to all the staff, and participants who make them possible.   There will be more information about some of the tactical maneuvers we are incorporating into this event.  The next step, is to get people registered.  We do not have any corporate or government sponsorship, nor do we want any.  This means that we finance these things ourselves. It also means that unlike other events. no one can shut us down, since we use private property, and our own money. Our working capital comes solely from the participants, so the sooner people register, the more we can proceed in getting the event ready for this October.
     Thanks again for your support of our endeavors, and we look forward to seeing you in the camps and fields.