Before continuing to registration - please read and accept the rules & regulations

Shenandoah, 1864

Registration Cost: $35 per person

Civilian Children under 12: Free

Safety and Authenticity Rules and Regulations

The following rules are in place to insure maximum authenticity and enjoyment for all participants, and also to be sure we properly represent history to the public. The spectators who attend reenactments today are far more educated than in the past, so it is our responsibility to them to raise our standards so as not to disappoint or mislead them. All questions concerning these regulations should be addressed to the reenactor coordinator. Thank you for your participation.


Each Participant will sign a copy of these regulations upon arrival as well as the Event Waiver Form.


  1. No illegal drugs. THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.
  2. No specialty impressions (Lee, Grant, Lincoln, Davis, Marines, Female Soldiers, Bagpipers, Indians or Seamen and so forth) are allowed with prior approval from the Reenactor Coordinator.  Anyone wishing to portray one of the above impression must email the organizers to receive prior permission.
  3. No excessive drinking will be permitted.
  4. Military: All commanders will be held liable for the actions of their troops, both on and off the field.

5 Civilians: There will be a civilian coordinator on site, and all are encouraged to work together to improve their experience.

6 ALL participants must be in period dress from 6 a.m. Saturday through Sunday after the battle. Anyone not attired in period dress will be asked to leave the period camps.

  1. No modern items are to be open to public view. Camps will be patrolled by the provost to insure maximum authenticity at all times.
  2. No cars will be allowed in camp after 11 p.m. Friday until after the battle on Sunday. No participants are allowed to break camp prior to the Sunday battle. We have a tow truck on site and will be using it.

9 No dead animal parts on uniform or weapons. This means plumes, feathers, animal tales or other such ornamentation, unless documented to the unit you are portraying in a specific scenario.

  1. Any participant not following the scripted plans for the battle will be asked to leave.
  2. No Zouave muskets, Kentucky Rifles, Hawken Rifles, or any other weapon not of the 1864 timeframe will be allowed without prior approval and documentation.
  3. NO modern glasses, shoes, watches or any other clothing item will be allowed. This is a zero tolerance policy.
  4. All military impressions should be of the 1864 period, please refer to the ‘Looking 1864’ portion of the event website to help guide your impression.
  5. Children in the camp must be dressed as per children of the 1860's, not as kids in uniforms playing war with cap guns...this will not be allowed.
  6. Correct Corps Badges as per the scenarios are encouraged.
  7. Cartridges will be limited to 65 grains for the 57 or 58 cal. weapons; and 80 grains for the 69-cal. weapons.
  8. Only commissioned officers will be allowed to carry side arms, with the exception of mounted troops who will be allowed one pistol per person.
  9. Artillery and cavalry are by invitation only, and must work with the appointed Force Commanders and adhere to the specific regulations regarding their impression.
  10. Only full-scale artillery allowed.
  11. No un-scripted hand-to-hand combat will be allowed.
  12. All troops not following orders from the respective commanders will be asked to leave the event.
  13. No participants under the age of 16 will be allowed to carry weapons at any time, on or off the field.
  14. All participants under the age of 16 must be functional musicians to be allowed on the field and no one under the age of 13 allowed on the field at all. This is for both authenticity and safety reasons.
  15. All troops are encouraged to carry a full kit during the battles - blanket or knapsack, as the troops involved in this battle had just covered long distances during the campaign, and would have outdistanced their supply wagons.
  16. Rank must be equal to the number of troops each officer fields.
  17. Any horse on site must have a Coggins Certificate and be listed on your registration form.
  18. Each Army and civilian camp will be patrolled by event and command staff to insure maximum authenticity at all times. No modern food containers, coolers or beverage containers will be allowed out in public view. All companies and participants that require the above conveniences must keep them hidden at all times during public hours and are strongly encouraged to do so at other times. This is to increase the quality of the event for reenactors and spectators alike. If a company violates this policy they will be subject to be removed from the event at the discretion of the staff.
  19. There may not be any walk-on participation allowed. This is up to the event organizer to determine proper historical force ratios.  Easiest answer-pre-register.
  20. Any Rank over Colonel must be approved by the Organizer.
  21. All fires must be done in the ‘sod’ manner, where the soil is removed together and then replaced afterwards, with all unused firewood stacked in the tree lines at the end of the event so not to destroy the farmer’s field.
  22. No dogs or pets