Order of Battle


S. Christian Anders

Maj’r Gen’l Command’g

In September 1986, I experienced my first “national” event.  As a young teenager I joined up with the 14th Tennessee Infantry, and for 2 days I was immersed in the Civil War, gaining new perspective and left awe struck and energized to learn more about this fascinating period of our history.


Over the past 18 years, I have been honored to have commanded and or organized Fire on the Mountain 2000,  Burkittsville, 1862,To the Gates of Washington , Summer of ’62, September Storm, At High Tide, Boys of ’61,  Shenandoah, 1862, War on the James, Lee Takes Command, Maryland, my Maryland ,Campaign Before Richmond and On to Richmond.


As a team, Rear Rank Productions has identified a repeated, documented success model, and it is based upon the following-


  1. Historic Progressive Scenarios, with unit specific researched scenarios, historical force ratios, good combat distance, and background information so each unit can properly research their role in the event
  2. Preservation Dollars. No organizer is getting paid. All proceeds from this event will be donated to preservation and interpretation.

    3. Fun. Bringing back the fun of the hobby. We will have good battles, plenty of living history and reenactor education programs, and good camping areas for both campaign and garrison troops.

    4.  Event rule enforcement. Most events have rules, but no one enforces them, causing the actions of a few to mar the weekend of the many. This will not happen at this event. There will be even handed polite but firm event rule enforcement. Please review the rules and regulations as listed on this site. These are not "hard core" rules, nor are they lax. They are basic quality and safety rules.  For an organizer or commander this is not the “fun” part of the job (if there is one), but rather the hardest part, but one that is rightfully expected by the participants, and as such is the most important part of my job.  I owe it to you that the actions of a few do not detract from the experience of the many.

    5. Treating reenactors with respect.
    6. Honoring and Remembering those Brave Boys of 1861-1865, of BOTH sides!

    7. Public education. Our goal is to provide high quality demonstrations in order to better educate the attending public, and create in them a better sense of our collective history.

          8.The Civil War Experience.  To set the stage for each of you to truly experience those tragic days, and provide the field on which each of you will excel.


Experiencing the Civil War- Isn’t that what most of us joined the hobby for?  Learning about them, replicating their actions.



Duinn onior agus cuimhnimid!*



Christian Anders


Confederate Forces


* Gaelic- “To honor and remember”



Major Heath Fleming

Assistant Adjutant General